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It was in the mid-1970’s that Jeff was introduced to the beauty of plants. His brother Mark had begun growing Orchids in their room and Jeff was intrigued by them. Looking through the catalogs that began to arrive in the mail, he learned of flowers of a grace and exoticism that has never ceased to fascinate him.

Thus inspired, Jeff received a degree in horticulture from the University of Georgia. He was fortunate to make the acquaintance of Ryan Gainey, who introduced him to the concept of a “garden.” As a suburban kid, Jeff had only known of “landscaping” and “yardwork,” words that depress him to this very day.

Jeff began his own business in Atlanta in 1986, and moved to Augusta in 1995. He is still making gardens and is very much energized by the possibilities of the outdoor spaces around our homes. He also works in ceramics, metal, stained glass, and wood, making garden accessories and necessities.

Jeff has recently “donned his beret” and begun painting scenes that he wants to see. He seeks inspiration always, and hopes people feel good when in his places and looking at his work.



  • Punch and Judy

    Punch and Judy

    “That’s the way to do it!”
  • Iowa State University

    Iowa State University

    Go Cyclones!
  • Aerangis mystacidii

    Aerangis mystacidii

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